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Plant 1 Forging
Forging Press
Forging Press
Induction Furnace
Mechanical Forging Press
Mechanical Forging Press
Mechanical Forging Press
Forging Trim Press
1600 Ton Forging Press Cell
Control Conveyor Cooling
Forged Conveyor Pins
Forging Flash
Forging Trim Press
Hot Forging
Forging Trim Press
Hot Forging
Hot Forging
Hot Forging
Trimming a Hot Forging
1600 Ton Mechanical Forge Press
1300 Ton Forge Press
Forging Plant
Plant 2
Grinding Forging Die
Shot Blast Room
Steel Bars
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Why qSp?

not ALl Forged conveyor chain is created equal

Conveyor Chain

How much does downtime cost your company? Reduced productivity? Lost sales?

What is the cost to remove, purchase, and install new conveyor chain?


If these are important concerns for your company please consider the following advantages of

Quality Steel Products' Conveyor Chains:


  • High quality steel is the basis for longer lasting chain. Quality Steel Products is one of the few domestic manufacturers that forges all conveyor chain products using exclusively North American made steel. We can provide steel mill certifications to verify the proper material. High quality steel means longer lasting chain with greater time between replacements.


  • Quality Steel Products offers a variety of material selections for all components of the chains and will offer suggestions to assist in selecting the best option for your needs. The correct material selection for your application can produce a longer lasting and better preforming chain.


  • Since we design and manufacturer our own tooling, we can provide custom made solutions and options if required. This includes: custom forgings, heat treating, magnetic particle inspection, Brinell Harness checking, lubrications, pull testing, assembly and packaging.


  • With over 25 years’ experience of producing conveyor chain, you can speak to experts at our company for assistance on product selection and availability, stocking programs, delivery and special requests. We are the manufacturer and will sell direct, saving you time and money. Contact our experts to assist you.

Our most common products include:


Standard                              Chain X Series                              Attachments

9118                                    X678                                             Pusher Dogs

998                                      X658                                             B Attachments

698                                      X458                                             Brackets

468                                      X348                                             Standard and Extended Pins

698 Conveyor Chain
9118 Conveyor Chain
X 458 Conveyor Chain
Conveyor Chain Pusher Dog
Conveyor Chain B Attachment
Conveyor Chain Extended Pin
Conveyor Chain Overhead Trolley
Conveyor Chain Pin
Conveyor Chain Pusher Dog
Conveyor Chain Pin Assembly
Pusher Dog Assembly
9118 Conveyor Chain
X 678 Conveyor Chain
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supplier to

a number of

diverse IndustrieS

Custom Forged Products








Quality Steel Products produces forgings for a variety of industries with parts ranging from under 1 pound to approximately 20 pounds, depending on the part configuration. Our current production quantities range from under a 1,000 to over 500,000 pieces annually.

Wood Grinder Tip
Oil and Gas Clamp
Oil and Gas Clamp
Oil and Gas Clamp
Wood Grinder Tip
Forged Oil and Gas Valve
Forged Bearing Race
Forged Gear
Forged Gear
Roller Coaster Chain
Forged Trailer Part
Forged Transmission Ring
Forged Automotive Spindle
Railroad Forging
Forged Wheel Hub

QSP uses carbon, alloy, stainless and micro-alloy materials with in-house control-conveyor cooling and water quench. We offer additional heat treating with our local partners. If a finished product is required, we have in house CNC machining capabilities.

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About Us

forged in 1988

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Quality Steel Products was founded in 1988, but our roots go back much further. We have forged together a team with the knowledge and  experience necessary to meet the growing needs of this evolving industry. After outgrowing several locations, QSP is currently occupying three modern buildings in Milford, Michigan.



  • In House CAD Tooling Design and Manufacturing:

  • This allows for faster lead times for both the initial build, as well as continuous die replacement. It also allows us to make required part changes quicker and more economical.


  • Forging Process:

  • We have duplicate capacity for each of our mechanical presses, giving us redundant forging capabilities in case of unexpected press downtime. This helps insure our delivery commitments to the customer.


  • Heat Treat:

  • Quality Steel Products has in-house control conveyor cooling lines, and water quench tanks for micro-alloy steel. Additionally, we have local partners for quench and temper, anneal, normalize, carburize, induction harden, and other heat treat processes.


  • CNC Machining:

  • Depending on the part, we can offer you fully machined parts with our in house CNC capabilities or by using our outside machining partners. This allows you, as the customer, a single point of responsibility for the product.



Quality Steel Products, Inc. Main Office
4978 Technical Drive Milford, MI 48381

Telephone:  248-684-0555

For any general inquiries, please fill in the following contact form:

Success! Message received.

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